Who are the skaters on the Skateboard Bible special booklet?

Know the complete testimonies placed in the Skateboard Bible

Christian Hosoi

Hosoi is one of the most known of his generation. He became world champion and live the skate apogee. Arrested for drug dealing in 2000, he met jesus, in 2004 he was released , and from that moment on, Hosoi witnessed his faith to the world, Married with Jennifer Lee, he has two kids and lives in California.

Pr. Eddie "El Gato" Elguera

Two times world champion, Elguera is the creator of some incredible skate tricks. In 1983 he met Christ, in 1989 he founded the ministy "Lost and Found Skate Ministy". Currently preaching at the Rock Church in California. Has 3 kids and its married for 30 years to Dawna.

Steve Caballero

Another skate legend that created some big tricks. Most known as "Cab", met Jesus through another skate legend, Lance Mountain. Steve lives in San Jose - California. Has 3 kids, a grandson.

Pr. Dennis Martinez

World champion in 1977, Denis faced his fame apogee that took him to some heavy drugs, like methanphetamine, he med Christ and freed himself, today he lectures in U.S jails, and some around the world, testifying how the God Word saved his life. Has 2 kids.

Pr. Brian Sumner

Professional skater, competed at championships all around the globe, he became very famous, due to his temper, he got arrested, already at conditional, he met Christ, currently Brian preaches at the Rock Harbor church in California. Has 3 kids and it's married with Tracy.

Pr. Bruno Taioli

Skater at legends category, started using drugs with 12 years old, became a chronic drug user for 22 years. Tried to stop for several times, only when he met God he could win this war. Along with his wife, its the idealizer of the Skateboard Bible! Currently lives in Italy and travels the world divulging the Skateboard Bible. Has 3 kids and it's married with Patricia Taioli.

Rafael Alentejo

paralympic skater, received Christian education since he was a kid. In 2009 his life has taken a turnaround. He had to amputate most of his left leg after a train accident, although, that didn't stopped him from skating, nowadays Rafael keeps his legacy on, bringing the word of love, hope and encouraging everyone! He's married with Maria Angelica.

Sandro Dias (Mineirinho)

Six times world champion, he is one of the most famous skaters in Brazil. Catholic, his faith shines bright through his whole life. Besides participating in championships worldwide, Sandro manages a vacation encampment at the interior of São Paulo, where he takes care of teens and kids. Has 2 kids and it's married with Gabriella.

Guilherme Barbosa

Skater and builds skate lanes, buit and owns the training center "Vert in roça", located in São Paulo, helped to develop some big names at the national scenario. Met Christ reading the Bible by himself, nowadays, he travels through Brazil build high performance lanes for championships. He has two kids and it's married with ana

Mike Dias

Professional skater, Mike born following the gospel and followed his parents steps. Born in a humble family, worked hard to get hands on his first skate. Family and church didn't comprehend the taste for the sport, but he kept doing hi best. Has two kids and it's married with Mary Rocha.

Pr. Eduardo Franchi

Most known as "Pastor Edu", it's the idealizer of the Skate House Brazil, in São Bernardo do Campo, was a Baptist missionary between Arabs and travels annually travels to Egipt evangelizing Muslims through skate. Has four kids and it's married with Luciene.