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Developed specially for the skate passionate, the Skateboard Bible is a edition of the holy Bible developed with the objective of disseminating the God Word also with this public, estimated with more than 8,5 million people, only in Brazil. Idealized by the pastor and skater Bruno Taioli and his wife Patricia Taioli, it was publish in june 2016. The first edition has a biblical text in the Revised and Updated Translation of Almeida and includes testimonials from internationally renowned skaters, as well as the history of the sport. About 9,000 copies have been printed.

The idea for the project came in September 2015, same year that Bruno Taioli completed 40 years of skating. On the occasion, he received an invitation by his shape sponsor "Estrutura de Madeira do Skate" - to produce a commemorative shape due to his special celebration. "I wanted to bring the word of God to skaters and i had the idea of gifting everyone that bought my new shape with a copy of the holy bible", said Bruno at the time.

One of his visits to the Sociedade Biblica Brasileira head office, he bought some copies of the bible, where he was first introduced to the "Affinity of Bibles" project: I had no doubts, i ordered the Skateboard Bibleand just like that i accomplished the dream of producing a bible for skaters". 


One of the Skateboard Bible differentials are the testimonials of famous skaters, like the hexa world champion, Sandro Dias, Christian Hosoi, Eddie Elguera, Dennis Martinez, Steve Caballero and Brian Sumner.

The testimonies tell the life story of each one of them, their family relations, and the changes they had in their lives once they got in touch with the God Word. One of them is Pr. Bruno Taioli own story, that was a chemical dependant for 22 years and been through 15 internments.