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Dear brother and sisters,

When Jesus admonished his disciples with Mark's gospel on behalf of the end of times, he motivated them to bring good news between all nations. The Christianity comes from this request, discribed in many biblical passages, also called "the great comission". The society advanced so much in 2000 years of history, however there are many generations and nations that didn't hear about the gospel, not only in the confines of earth, but in our surroundings. One of these "people" or "tribes" are the skaters, it's estimated that are 8,5 million skaters only in Brazil, they use skate not only as a sport, but as a lifestyle, , in this big group we can include businessmen, workers, media people, and so many others that live around one thing: Skate.


One of our strategies to reach this public is the Skateboard Bible. On the day of this article, there are 9000 copies published, all donated by phyical persons, churches and educational institutions, and we need to reach much more.


On the Skateboard Bible insert, we included the testimonies of some of the professional skaters with international fame that became Christians, and today, using the skate platform, they share their faith wherever they go. Beyond those testimonies, there's a little guide of "how to start", showing the first steps you need to take to read the word of God. Then we have the Holy Bible as we know. Our goal is to take this project to a whole new level, and give a copy to each skater, through dozens of ministries and urban missionaries all around the world. We also want to create versions in English, Italian, Spanish and French! It's a unique project! This project is the dream of a small group of skaters led by the pastors Bruno Taioli Jr. and Patricia Taioli..

The Lord has directed men and women in this direction. We want to invite you and your organization to have the privilege of being part of this history! Each printed Bible costs an average of R $ 15.00. We need loyal supporters / sponsors to print more Bibles, can we count on you?

We are available to settle any doubts.